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"Keeping Queens in Balance"

Peace, Greens, and Fitness

Peace, Greens, and Fitness is a podcast that delves into the areas of peace, nutrition, health, and fitness. It's REAL talk about what women of color need to do to find  and keep balance in their lives.


  Join me for great information and interesting interviews with experts in various fields. 

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Our premiere podcast will air on September 12th.

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"Keeping Queens in Balance"


Ms. Renee Winters

Ms. Renee Winters is an experienced women's wellness coach and inspired speaker.  She enjoys  great conversations and is continually searching for ways to maintain a balanced life. 

She is an entrepreneur and educator.  

Her list of credentials also include being a Certified Holistic Health Coach, bikini competitor, fitness trainer, children's author and TEDx speaker. Renee specializes in clean eating, detoxing, and de-stressing. She has helped clients unleash their potential, paving the way towards both health and life success.

Join her on Sundays for her fun informative podcast as she explores how to keep queens in balance.
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